Intro to Cha Dao - The Way of Tea

This event is designed as an introduced to the Way of Tea (Cha Dao). Those who have been brewing for years will get as much out of this experience as those starting out their tea practice.

We will share some tea in silence then you will discover and explore some of what it means to live a life of tea, as well as some of the methods and tools needed to incorporate tea into your own practice.

We will also get the chance to try some amazing Tea and experience some of the Quietude, Presence, Clarity and Completion tea has to offer. By the end, participants will have sharpened their senses to the life around them. They will also have understood something about the alchemy and magic of Cha Dao.

Date | Time | Location

Wed, 29th March 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Mountain Spirit New Zealand
250 Hawea Back Road, RD 2
Hawea Flat, Wanaka 9382

Held in the yurt on our small retreat center in a quiet area 20 minutes from Wanaka.

Cost: NZ $42.
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About Tea Sage Hut School of Cha Dao
Tea Sage Hut is a school of Cha Dao and Zen meditation in Miaoli, Taiwan. We are dedicated to serving in the true spirit of tea: leaves and water shared from the heart. Students who come here will be immersed in meditation, tea session, service and hugs. We hope to change the world, bowl by bowl…

An Ancient Lineage
While we wait for the kettle to finish boiling, let us tell you a bit about our society, school and what little can be said about us—little, for like the “Old Tea-seller”, Baisao, we’d rather offer some tea than tell you about it...

Baisao was an eighteenth century tea sage whose bright spirit illuminates our tradition in more than name alone. A Zen monk for most of his life, at the age of forty-nine he traded in his robes for what was paradoxically the more Zen-infused life of a roadside peddler of tea. His bowls were steeped in the ancient and priceless Spirit of Tea, unclouded by money, theory, ritual or even mind itself—a spirit from before the first fingers plucked the first leaves. And those who came by his wayside hut just might have passed by the old man so strangely donning the crane robes of an ancient Taoist hermit, but for the way the spirit twinkled invitingly in his eyes or the softness of his hands as he poured his tea into worn and cracked bowls... And after such a bowl, the passerby left changed somehow, though perhaps not able to grasp the importance of what exactly had shifted their perspective. He called his stall:

“(通聖亭 Tong Shen Ting) The Hut Which Conveys One to Sagehood.” Read more here..

About Wu De - Teacher of Intro to Cha Dao
Author and teacher Wu De is a true chajin (tea person). He has been a practitioner of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) for over 20 years, and he has reached over 100,000 people through his writings, classes, workshops, seminars and interviews.

Upon graduating from university with a degree in anthropology and philosophy, he moved to India, where he lived and worked in a meditation center for some years. During this time, he prepared tea daily as fuel for his intensive meditation practice, and he laid the groundwork for his later work with tea as a spiritual vehicle.

Wu De then left India to study meditation in Burma, Thailand and eventually Japan. Working closely with a Zen teacher who often used teaceremonies as a way of conveying Zen wisdom, his insights into The Way of Tea and the ability of tea to convey deep peace were strengthened. Read More here..


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