R. Richards, a veteran guide
and outdoor instructor, will lead
this program, and we'll also
collaborate with additional local
qualified guides. We're also getting
all needed land-use permits from
the New Zealand govemment (DOC).
Until then, we will run this program
on our land at Mountain Spirit and
other priviate lands.


Our society has few formal rites of passage. The Solo is for those participants of any age interested in a powerful experience that comes from being alone with nature and few distractions.

Solo Programs:
On Mountain Spirit Land
(1) Day Solo
Wanaka Environs
Please see our calendar
Overnight Solo Starting Friday night thru Sun afternoon.

Programs are one to three days in length. We do not copy Native American traditions or ceremonies, rather, provide a group framework for participants to create their own experience with the leadership, guidance and safety of an experienced facilitator.


Participants have a say in how their experience unfolds. Facilitated group activities and council, plus being alone in nature for three days with minimal distractions, provides a powerful exploration into one’s self and can bring forth value forming experiences.

These programs include preparation and framing for the solo, optional sharing of personal goals and concerns, safety briefing, site orientation, safety checks, de-briefing and closing ceremony.

Why A Solo is good for you

  • Need a break to be by yourself? Solos provides a great framework for you to recconnect with yourself and nature.
  • At a crossroads? Having time to contemplate without the daily pressures of meals, and chores gives you the mental and emotional space to let things evolve at a more natural pace.


1-Day Solo at Mountain Spirit Land
We meet at 9am at Mountain Spirit, where we'll have a brief discussion and tone setting ceremony, and you'll be shown your solo site for the day. The facilitator will be on site nearby your location until your solo is completed in the late afternoon, when we'll return to the basecamp. Expect to be in a beautiful place during your time to reflect and relax.

2-day/3 night Solo:
Friday: Meet at 5pmwith a warm welcome and orientation dinner at Mountain Spirit.
Saturday: We then drive to the solo area, with a short hike, and you're instructed on the basics of safe practices for spending the night out. After a brief sharing and simple ceremony, you are shown to your solo site.
Sunday: Get picked up off Solo mid-day, return to basecamp, debrief and share experiences, Lunch, pack up and walk to trailhead.
Program pending until land-use permits obtained

Overnight Solo
Saturday: Meet at 9 PM, drive to trailhead, tone setting, instruction hike to solo site. Safety Instruction and tone setting, then be shown your solo site, start Solo
Sunday: Get picked up off Solo in the afternoon,, return to basecamp, debrief and share experiences, Lunch, pack up and walk to cars.
Program pending until land-use permits obtained

What to Expect:

The basic instructions on how prepare for the solo will be covered.We'lll cover tarp set-up, safety procedures and take each of you out to your pre-selected solo site where you'll be till Sunday afternoon (overnight solos) or (Saturday afternoon for 1-day solos). Randy will be your safety net, with a whistle, as well as regular non-verbal check-in system to see how you're doing during your solo.

Expect a rare opportunity to "simply be". The idea is to go minimal, no watches, books or tents, but a sleeping bag, tarp and journal.

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