A "Secluded Sanctuary" Accommodation:
For individuals, families and groups.
Welcome to peace and paradise

Relax at our quiet off-the-grid B&B style oasis where organic food and off the grid-the-grid mentality dominate our family culture. We're kid friendly too. We have daily on-site staff, daily house-keeping, which is included in the room rate.


Main Sleep-Out
Our main cabin has a porch, great views, a private grassy area, a gas fired outdoor tub is a quite option for a family or couple. Special Indtroductory Rates:

  • Double Bed sleeps 2
  • Futon serves as couch or sleeps 2
  • Adjacent new Private or Shared Bath (depending upon who else is staying on the property)
  • Outside kitchen
  • Picnic Table
  • BBQ
  • Deck with a great view
  • RATES: $120 per night






2 Person Sleep-Out
This smaller sleepout is perfect for a couple or individual, wanting a nice basic room

  • Double Bed
  • Porch with a view
  • Shared bath with main house.




The Yurt
Our Yurt is a great space, 7 mtrs across and lots of room with French doors, an adjustable opening skylight, lots of windows and space to unwind with great views. This is a high quailty yurt (it was a "demo" model for the Pacific Yurt Company in Oregon) and is a great space to unwind.

  • Double Bed
  • Pull-out couch
  • Great views
  • Privacy and space
  • Shared bath with main house.
  • RATES: $100./night


We have a traditional Lakota style tipi (6.5 m) diameter, set up on site for "Glamping" in style .

  • Double Beds
  • Shared bath near sleepout.
  • RATES: $90./night


  • Tramping/Hiking
  • Mountain Biking (2 available for guests with kiddie seats)
  • Playhouse..with our youngster's ok
  • Organic Garden
  • Solar Education
  • Lake Hawea/ Lake Wanaka
  • Wireless Internet
  • In-ground trampoline
  • Sand-pit


Aerial View of Mountain Spirit

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