Mountain Spirit’s Responsible Travel Values and Policies
We are committed to environmentally, culturally sensitive and sustainable tourism. We are proactively involved with our relationships on New Zealand (DOC and private) lands, Native American lands in the US, and the mountain regions of Peru. We back on each program in the form of educational materials, health supplies and has plans for financially aiding certain key projects in Peru that will aid sustainable tourism and community development.

Our groups are no larger than 10 people and average seven participants. Our policy is to travel in the smallest groups possible, which lessens our impact both on people we’re visiting and the earth. We travel in a way that respects the traditional way of life of the peoples we are visiting. We practice 'Leave No Trace' outdoor ethics.

We are proactive in collaborating with other environmental, cultural and philanthropic organizations.

Core Values regarding Responsible International and Domestic Programs

  • Comply with local environmental and use regulations delineated and have a proactive policies and procedures manual.
  • Maintain group size to a minimum: average size 7-10, maximum 12 participants in backcountry, alpine, desert and other sensitive areas.
  • Blend in with the local culture as much a possible by educating our guides and participants of MSI’s expectations of mutual respect while interacting with foreign cultures.
  • Give back to the communities and countries we visit with service projects, education, donations or assisting in funding through direct grants.
  • Guide, facilitator and participant training in Leave No Trace backcountry, hiking, climbing and camping ethics.
  • Do commerce with local businesses whenever and wherever possible.
  • Work with local guides, travel agencies, and lodges.
  • Consider economic, environmental and cultural elements in program design.
  • Local guides, travel agents, porters and others rendering service receive a fair rate for their services.
  • We work, in the form of active support and programming, with local environmental, educational conservation organizations and land use managers in preserving the natural environment for future generations.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please feel free to contact us.

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