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Healthy Communication, Open Hearted Listening & Healing

We ask more of our participants. Often at retreat centres, you are offered a smogesbord of workshops and experiences. We ask particpants to explore "walking the talk" by not only working on their inner landscape with their fellow particpants when issues arrise, but also, helping with food preperation, doing service projects or even extending a smile. This is a core value of ours. We also offer..

Some of the Topics: Healthy communication styles, Models for giving and receiving feedback, listening skills and leadership, planning and goal setting, 4-step apologies, charter of agreements.

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

A cornerstone of our mission is providing exposure to lifestyles and living techniques that are more in balance with self, family and the earth. By living off the grid, eating organically-grown produce on our land, we hope to contribute to solutions that do less to harm to the environment and take into consideration our impact and role on the earth.

Body Mind and Spirit

Learn and practice mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, Aikido or Tai Chi, in a natural setting with local instructors. We also cover keeping a healthy "sense of presence & humor perspective" during life change and crisis. We'll use multi-media as well principles of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and Lighten Up by C.W. Metcalf.



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The Solo

Our society has few formal "rites of passage." Solo’s are for those participants of of any age interested in a powerful experience of a lifetime. Our programs are one to three days in length. We do not copy indigenous traditions or ceremonies, rather, provide a group framework for participants to create their own experience with the leadership, guidance and safety net of an experienced facilitator.

Participants have a say in how their experience unfolds. Facilitated group activities and council, plus being alone in nature for three days with minimal distractions, provides a powerful exploration into one’s self and brings forth value forming experiences.

Indigenous Wisdom

A serious shortcoming of the "Western construct" is our inability to see and learn from indigenous cultures who have lived for thousands of years in balance with nature.

Programs will be based on what tribal people know and their warning about living out of balance with nature. Bearing witness to current indigenous issues is a vital part of this learning. Randall was accepted "shaman" into membership of the Native American Church of the Morning Star. He has been studying the Native American way for about 35 years, and is eager to learn about the Maori. We hope to collaborate with local teachers in the area.

International Programs, Cultural Immersion:
Climbing, hiking, village and family stays in Peru and Bolivia

An emphasis is on the holistic nature of being in mountain environments and cultures, learning from mountain locals through family home stays, and learning about local issues through bearing witness and service, learning about the tribal/elder philosophy, and ways of sustainable living such as farming, weaving, bread making and food preparation. We have a long and successful history of putting people in touch with off the beaten track mountain people in Peru and Bolivia. As always, in small groups of no more than 6-10. Mountain Spirit's very first program in 1998 was a Peruvian Cultural Experience.

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Outdoor Experiential Learning:
Mountain Skills, Challenge, Leadership and Teamwork

Elements range from the basics of putting up a tent and safe cooking practices to hiking, navigation and mountaineering, & rock and ice climbing. Feeling the freedom of safely moving in the wilderness with solid skills will encourage you to get out and enjoy the high country!

Programs are inseparably linked to community and team building, based on experiential education - Reaching the summit of the peak as a healthy well functioning group is vital to the "success" of any expedition. Learning experientially about group behavior in the wilderness leaves a lasting impression that directly transfers back to home or work.

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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Connecting in the Workplace: Healthy communication and presence at work
We have helpful and vital tools to help make things go more smoothly in the workplace. Whether you're part of a large team or own a small business here in New Zealand (or abroad), we can help.

Seeing co-workers in a "new light" though carefully chosen activities and presenting ways of relating always helps the bottom line.
We use proprietary instruments and models that can greatly increase group effectiveness and collaboration.

A Sample of Past Clients
(Through Outward Bound Professoinal and Mountain Spirit)

  • The New York Times
  • Yale Graduate School of Management
  • Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Harvard Graduate School
  • ACSI Optical Technology
  • Institute for Civic Leadership
  • Bishop Partners Executive Search
  • General Dynamics Corporation
  • Terrapin Systems
  • Kronos Labor Management

What past clients and colleagues have said:
“Our group of eleven people barely knew each other coming into our experience with you. By the end of the day bonds were created that remain strong and intact. My best friends are the ones that you helped me bond with and create a support network with. You possess a unique ability to create an atmosphere of comfort among people who do not know each other well, and you are clearly able to structure activities so that each person walks away feeling a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.”
L. Dardick
Yale School of Management

Thank you for your week with us. You added so much to the experience and our mission was accomplished. Your leadership and facilitation style was a big hit with us all.”
Coleen Myers
Executive Director, Institute for Civic Leadership

“Randy is an excellent instructor, teacher, facilitator, person. Everyone should be so lucky to work with him or be instructed by him. His diversity and array of talents add much to his courses.”
Raliegh Coburn, Instructor and Colleague

“With four years at the University of Michigan and five years working in the field of mental health, I have been exposed to many educators. Randy is one of the greatest teachers and facilitators I have had the opportunity to meet. I recommend him in the strongest terms. He is top-notch.”
Christie Warbasse, Client

Please contact Randall for a prospectus on how we can help you.

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