Power of Now Meetup Group
Morning Meditation


In addition to our own staff,
we'll also collaborate with additional
local qualified guides. We're still get-
ting all needed land-use permits from
the New Zealand govemment (DOC).
Until then, we'll be running programs
at Mountain Spirit and other
priviate lands.

Programs | Events

18-22 March 2018
Yin Yoga Retreat

Past Programs
Kirtana Concert
Cha Dao Tea Ceremony
Past Programs in North and South America

R. Richards is a veteran guide and instructor who will be leading programs.We will also collaborate with local qualified guides, and get all needed land use permits from the New Zealand govemment. Until then, we will run programs on our land at Mountain Spirit and other priviate lands.

Some Key Values of Mountain Spirit :

Healthy Communication, Open Hearted Listening, Healing
Couple's Workshops, Healing Programs for teens and adults who have lost a parent or sibling. Meditation Read more...



Living a Sustainable Lifestyle
Learn about growing organic food, living off-the-grid with solar power and batteries, composting, and living a more sane lifestyle. Good skills to know during, and after Peak Oil.




Body Mind and Spirit
Yoga, Wellness, Meditation and a sense of joy and peace through being present.



The Solo
The powerful experience of being "solo" in the mountains of New Zealand, for three days with minimal food, a sleeping bag, tarp and lots of water. No books or Ipads here! In the tradition of the Native American Vision Quest and Outward Bound's Solo.




Indigenous Wisdom

Those that have lived traditional lives on the planet have a connection to themselves and the earth. In New Zealand, the Maori culture, in North America, the Native Americans, and in South America, the Quechua and Aymara people have a wisdom worth listening to. We hope to be collaborating with, and learning from, local teachers here in NZ. Read more...


International Cultural Immersion
Climbing, hiking, village and family stays and backcountry village experience in
Peru and Bolivia.




Outdoor Experiential Learning:
Mountain Skills, Challenge, Leadership and Teamwork, Spirit.

There's a spirit on mountaintops. It takes you deeper place within yourself. But you have to climb there. You have to push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone. Come learn new skills with others, develop compassion, teamwork and self- reliance with time for reflection of the place, and your experience in more..

Healthy Communication and Presence in the Workplace

Whether you own a small business or are part of a team, we have tools that can help the work enviroment be a more comfortable, safe and fun place to be, ultimately affecting the bottom line.
read more..

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