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Mountain Spirit consists of Dexter Randall Richards and Amanda Richards. We will also have guest facilitators join us in presenting additinoal programs. Our target market is Kiwis interested in developing new ideas of themselves through inner exploration and outer adventure. We are also seeking U.S. travelers interested in a deeper experience while visiting NZ.


Mountain Spirit is dedicated to empowering and impelling a diverse range of participants into value forming experiences by facilitating one's connection to self, each other and the environment. We're a bit of a hybrid, a cross between an experiential wilderness program, and a holistic learning center, with a continuum of elements from both experiential education and spiritual development. Some programs are solely wilderness or foreign based, while others are workshop based, but both have their roots in our unique mission.


Mountain Spirit was started in 2014, and Mountain Spirit Institute in the U.S. was founded in 1998.


Mountain Spirit is based in Hawea, near Wanaka, Otago on a remote parcel of land tucked against Mt. Grand. There is also Mountain Spirit Institute, a non-profit organisation based in the U.S. (NH), We have run programs in the Alps, Peru, New Zealand and New Hampshire, and Utah, USA.


Two things had a big impact on the owner, Randall Richards: Many years living and working in the mountains and alpine backcountry. He is also a product of instructor training and leadership in experiential edcucation inspired by Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound.
Last Child in the Woods author Richard Louv states that recent generations suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder, a term he coined in his book. We address this and other important issues of our time by getting people outside, away from technology and/or in touch with themselves, others and the environment.

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Story Tips and Ideas

  • Nature Deficit Disorder and MSNZ's mission in experiential education
  • Sustainable Communities Program; communication skills vital to sustainability
  • Spirit and a Sense of Place in the Wilderness
  • A Cutting Edge Hybrid Organization blending Experiential Ed and Holistic Learning
  • The Sunapee SunFest Event: Holistic Health and Sustainability Festival
  • Shamanism with Theo Paredes, PhD
  • Peruvian Music in the USA, why this music reaches the soul
  • Peruvian Band Chimu's to visit USA from Cusco, Fall 2008
  • Western Culture and Its Discontents
  • Sustainabile Tourism
  • MSI's Founder, A Journey through the Mountains
  • Opening Mountain Spirit New Zealand

Interview List

  • Randall Richards, Owner: MSNZ history and philosophy, Speaks English, German, French, Spanish and some Quechua.
  • Amanda Richards, Owner: Programs, Operations,
  • Bob Stremba, PhD: Vice President,Mountain Spirit Institute, USA, and Chair of Adventure Education Fort Lewis College, Colorado, USA : Nature Deficit Disorder and Outdoor Education
  • Guillermo Seminario, USA/NZ/Peruvian Music Exchange, and Peru in general, Speaks Spanish, Quechua and English.

Media Contact :
Randall Richards, Amanda Richards, Owners
D.R. Richards has a background with United Press International as a wire services stringer, a freelance and ski photographer. His images have appeared in People, Outside, and other publications. He has written for a few local newspapers in the U.S.. If you would like assistance in constructing an article, please contact us.

PHONE: (63) 3-443-5669 (NZ)
WEB: www.mtnspirit.co.nz
FAX: 206.984.0962

Mountain Spirit
250 Hawea Back Rd. RD 2
Wanaka 9382

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Si desea información sobre nuestra organización, póngase en contacto con nosotros. El director habla francés, alemán y español. Aunque su gramática no es grande, su conversación son adecuados. Por favor llámenos al 1-603-763-2668, o envíe un correo electrónico randy@mtnspirit.org

Wenn Sie Informationen über unsere Organisation, wenden Sie sich bitte an uns. Der Direktor spricht Französisch, Deutsch und Spanisch. Obwohl seine Grammatik ist nicht sehr groß, sein Gespräch Fähigkeiten angemessen sind. Bitte rufen Sie uns an unter 1-603-763-2668, oder per E-Mail randy@mtnspirit.org

Si vous souhaitez des informations sur notre organisation, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Le directeur parle français, allemand et espagnol. Bien que sa grammaire n'est pas grande, sa conversation, sont adéquats. S'il vous plaît appelez-nous au 1-603-763-2668 ou par courriel randy@mtnspirit.org

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