Mountain Spirit Organics:

This land has always been farmed organically for 25 years, and before that, it was a bull paddock. We've inherited 111 well-established fruit and nut trees including a variety of heirloom apples, apricots, cherries, red current, almonds, and chestnuts.

We have rebuilt the vegetable garden with the help of Joel Dean of Savannah Landscaping as well as wonderful "Wwoofers" (Willing workers on organic farms) from all over the world.
We're learning as we go from books, friends, internet, and follow the principles of bio-dynamic gardening, companion planting, hot composting, and are interested in the concept of the "food forest."

We provide food for our family, and ias we grow, we plan on providing more for guests and program participants.

What's in store:
We occasionally sell fresh organic fruit and vegetables at the local farrmers market. We also sell
- Organic preserves,
- Organic dried organic herbs


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