Open Hearted Communication for Couples in the Upper Clutha and Queenstown Lakes Region

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"Perhaps the central challenge of intimate partnership is keeping the heart open when it wishes to close. Only by learning a new way of listening and responding to our partner can we move toward this goal. By opening to the difficulty inherent in relationship we transform it into something of value: pain and conflict become the raw materials for compassion and joy."
Don Rosenthal, Author of The Uncharted Journey

IMAGE: Amanda with the book Conscious Loving, somewhere near French Ridge

Amanda and Randall Richards are offering a monthly meetup for interested couples in a emotionally safe environment based in part, on the work by Don Rosenthal called Open Hearted Listening. Don and his partner Martha are planning a trip to NZ to teach a workshop in 2015, and this monthly meetup will be a vital primer. Stay tuned for more information.

Skills We'll cover:

  • How to listen non-defensively to your partner (and possibly be heard yourself for the first time)
  • How to communicate without antagonism around charged issues (sex, money, children, housework, etc.)
  • How to create a safe environment in which painful feelings are acknowledged and accepted rather than judged
  • How to ask your partner for change in a way that isn't futile



There is no cost. Space is limited to 5 to 6 couples. Once you decide you would like to attend, and have learned about the meetup, a commitment of 6 months attendance will be required for consistency within the group.