R. Richards, a veteran guide
and outdoor instructor, will lead
this program, and we'll also
collaborate with additional local
qualified guides and outdoor
providers. We're also getting
all needed land-use permits from
the New Zealand govemment (DOC).
Until then, we will run this program
on our land at Mountain Spirit and
other priviate lands.

Rock climb, kayak, tramp with stillness and presence in mind
This page and details are still under construction
Program pending until land-use permits obtained

Join us in the great outdoors for a very unique retreat at Mountain Spirit . This weekend, lovers of nature and outdoor sport will come together to adventure without and within.

Led by a unique team of experienced outdoor instructors and experienced meditators, this weekend will provide room for exploring the layers of self-knowledge possible through adventuring.

If you are ready to go deeper with your experience of the outdoors, join us for this incredible weekend. We will be staying together at Mountain Spiritl, and then venturing off on three separate adventures (Kayaking, Rockclimbing, Hiking) with experienced guides to take our outdoor experience to new levels of joy and depth. This retreat will include

  • an introduction to practical skills relating to the outdoor sport of your choice (Kayaking/Canoeing, Rockclimbing, Hiking)
  • an exploration of meditative and contemplative practices that can enhance our connection to the great outdoors
  • an exploration of what adventuring can mean for explorations of the self and the spirit.

Saturday and Sunday will begin with morning meditation at Mountain Spirit, followed by a day of mountain sports. The evenings will include discussions and relaxation.

This is not primarily a silent retreat, but there will be some periods of recommended silence to allow us to deepen in the experience of the inner adventure.


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