R. Richards, a veteran guide
and outdoor instructor, will lead
this program, and we'll also
collaborate with additional local
qualified guides. We're also getting
all needed land-use permits from
the New Zealand govemment (DOC).
Until then, we will run this program
on our land at Mountain Spirit and
other priviate lands.



"Expect a rare opportunity
to simply be."

This page and details are still under construction
Program pending until land-use permits obtained

Experience permanent shifts through body centered learning with the support and deep experience of mountains and nature, cradled with loving, playful and experienced facilitators.

Journey Within is the heart of Mountain Spirit. We combine the healing power of nature, mountains and deep facilitation of inner work. It's fun, powerful and life transforming.

The Southern Alps is the quintessential location for such a program.


This 3 ½ day retreat in the beautiful mountains of the Southern Alps is intended to captivate your heart and ignite your mind, facilitated by some of most gentle, intuitive, and bighearted souls around.

This "inward bound" exploration of self will be spent rediscovering the deepest parts of you, through igniting and awakening your life's passions. Experience all of this through playful and simple body centered learning.

Rediscovering your youth in a joyful, playful, and easeful way allowing yourself to experience and explore what really makes you happy. Says one faciliator, "This is how I feel life is meant to be lived. by simply living."

An experience that lasts a lifetime:

  • Have you created a life that is not quite what you envisioned for yourself?
  • Are you interested in becoming aware of what stops you from having what you want?
  • How EASY would you like to experience a permanent shift that can be life changing?

What to expect:

  • Group safety: Learning to feel emotionally and physically safe with others in the group and facilitators.
  • Challenge by choice: Stepping out of your comfort zone by trying new things.
  • Activities and exercises that allow you to shift your perspective about yourself.
  • Camping in a wilderness setting: learning and using best practices camp skills.
  • Learn or review Leave no Trace" camping practices, and expedition behavior skills.
  • Meditation and "down time" to contemplate the experiences
  • A "solo" : You'll be shown a site that that will be yours for a certain time (12-24 hrs). You'll be asked to take limited gear, and remain at the site till you're picked up at the end. You'll then process with other about how the experience was for you.
  • Program end interview/debrief to reflect on what you have learned, how to transfer what you've learned to your life outside of the wilderness setting.

More Details:

Difficulty Level: Easy tramping 3-5 Km to base camp.
Group Size Limit: 10 Participants
Requirments: Good Attitude, Medical Questionaire and Screening


Sunday Evening: 1 week before: Gear, Itinerary review, introductions
: Meet at 2PM at trailhead, drive to trailhead, tone setting, instruction and dinner
Saturday : Activities and processes designed to blend the healing aspects of nature, mountains and going within. Dinner and more evening group work.
Sunday, : Same as above, with a mini-solo, music
Monday: Wrap up our Journey, pack equipment and hike to trailhead and cars

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