R. Richards, a veteran guide
and outdoor instructor, will lead
this program, and we'll also
collaborate with additional local
qualified guides. We're also getting
all needed land-use permits from
the New Zealand govemment (DOC).
Until then, we will run this program
on our land at Mountain Spirit and
other priviate lands.


Why This program?

If someone in your family has
died, you've experienced a huge challenge. You may have felt overwhelmed, scared, abandoned,
angry, and deeply saddened.
This is a heavy load to carry.
And since it's often not
considered cool to talk openly
about death in our culture,
you may have also felt unable
to share these feelings.

This program provides you the opportunity to again challenge
yourself, but this time to actively
move forward through the grief
process and toward a healing
space. You will be doing
challenging and fun outdoor
activities for a weekend with
other teens who know what
you've gone through. You will
camp out and have the oppor-
tunity to share your story of
loss, and hear the stories of
other teens. Most of all you
will discover how to heal and
help others heal. Death may be
the loss of a loved one, but it's
not the loss of that relationship.

This page and details are still under construction
Program pending until land-use permits obtained
What is Hawk?

Hawk is a wilderness-based program for teens teens coping with the death of a loved one. It is not counseling or therapy, rather a connection with others going through similar challenges in teen life, in short, a supportive wilderness experience combined with active and meaningful grief and healing activities.

The challenges and successes that come with climbing, rappelling, and hiking up mountains, are metaphors for life. By adding important grief related rituals and ceremonies, teens are moved to express themselves in ways that they typically can't, or won't, when they are back at home in their everyday surroundings.

On this program, you can…

•  Go rock climbing, and experience the challenge, trust, and support that also helps you move
forward through the grief and healing process.
•  Climb a mountain, and dedicate your climb to the person you've lost.
•  Talk about the challenges you've faced, and see that it's a pain other teens also share.
•  Come away with a supportive group of understanding friends.

 We will not try to counsel or “fix” you. Rather, we will listen and help you feel safe. We invite you to join us for a weekend of challenge, fun, and lasting benefits. We collaborate with a local qualified counselor who works closely with Randall Richards and other trained staff members in this program curriculum.


Our Itinerary

-Participants Arrive with parents
-Introductions/Goals and Tone setting

- Tone setting and teambuilding exercises
-Set up Camp
-Rock Climbing
-Evening Circle

-Peak Climb and Dedication
-Lunch on the summit
-Particpants depart mid-late afternoon


This program is limited to ten particpants: Ages 14-18

Administrative Fee*: $XXX. per person which includes two days and one overnight. Transportation to and from, or during program not included.
*Covers food, equipment and all program activities. Staff will be volunteering their time for this program. Exact fee will be posted shortly, which may be more or less than the figure above.
Location: Environs of Mt. Aspiring National Park, Wanaka and The Hector Range/Kingston
Parents are invited to the opening and closing meetings of this program.
Parents Lodging: TBA


To register:
1) download the forms below
2) Print and fill the three forms
3) Scan all forms,
4) and send back as an attachment to randy(at)mtnspirit.org

Download application Form
Download release Form

Forms require free Acrobat Reader:

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