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The Art of Living Apprenticeship is a Four-Part Series:

SPRING 2006, Part I : (completed)
Understanding the Human Body and it’s Relationship to the Natural

Through basic exercises, participants will learned how to go inside to become familiar with the different energies of the complete body, which include the energies of the organs to awaken the inner fire within (Rupai). Participants learned to project energy all over their body to complete the first circle, or Chumpi, by capturing the three different basic energies of the universe and thus expand awareness into our energetic bodies.

SPRING 2006, Part II - Sept 21st-24th 2006: (completed)
Conjunction with the Virgin Energies of the Kaypacha

The Kaypacha, in Quechua, is the Axis Munde of existence. In this workshop, participants will learn to feel, play and work with child and totemic energies.

SPRING 2007, Part III: - March 29- April 1, 2007
Power and Balance

In the Andes, power is the art of being fully present and aware, controlling our inside world, Hukupacha, with the Hunacpacha, higher energies, in our present state of consciousness, the Kaypacha. Participants will learn how to access these energies, internally and externally, in order to balance them.

FALL 2007, Part IV: - Sept 27 - 30, 2007
Awakening the Sources of Knowledge

Participants will awaken their intuition more fully by combining inner intuition with actions that are more fully aware and not so automatic. We will work with different states of consciousness, rituals and ceremonies to re-awaken the sources of Divine knowledge that are inside of us.

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Theo Paredes, Ph.D.

Theo Paredes, Ph.D., is the founding Director of Poqen Kanchay Foundation in Cusco, Peru. Growing up in Cusco, he has always had contact with the native people of Peru worked with them to maintain sustainable communities. At 11 years old, he was initiated into the traditional healing practices of his people and has continued to work with shamanic practices for over thirty years, particularly in the use of ceremony and the practices of managing energy to make living an art. He has survived two lightening strikes, which in the Andean tradition, is considered a "call by nature" to train and practice in the Earth traditions. He combines his knowledge of the myths and the life view of the societies, which culminated with the Incas, together with Andean energy concepts, to form the perspective of a different kind of society.

Dr. Paredes has studied and practiced anthropology in Europe and the Americas. For the past fifteen years he has worked within the Peruvian government as Director of National Projects and the Governor of the Cusco Department and as a consultant for IFAD (Internal Foundation for Agricultural Development).

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The Art of Living Series will be held at the Blue Water Farm in Andover, New Hampshire. The site consists of over 200 acres of forest and fields in the foothills of Mount Kearsarge on crystal clear Bradley Lake. This unique location is one of unspoiled natural beauty, secluded yet accessible; less than two hours from Boston, three hours from Hartford, and five hours from New York City.

The Andover area is served by Manchester Airport.

From Points South or North: Exit-11 from Interstate I-89 travel East on NH Route-11 to Andover, NH, Turn south on Lawrence St. travel 1mi, bear right onto Bradley Lake Road. Travel 2 miles to the Blue Water Farm sign on right. Turn right to end of driveway.
From Points East: Travel to Concord NH, then travel on I-89, as above.
From Points West: Route-11 to Andover, NH then as above.

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The wonderful Blue Water Farm is a rustic old time New England lodge with a beautiful Great room, complete with a fieldstone fireplace as the focal point and bunkrooms off the balcony above. As it is located on pristine Bradley Lake and directly under Mt. Kearsarge, the country road lends itself well for relaxing walks during breaks. The site is two miles from the center of Andover where a small store has the basics. The town of New London, fifteen minutes away, has full services. Healthy and whole food meals will be prepared on-site for your eating pleasure.

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Part IV: $410.00 prior to deadline

DEPOSIT & TERMS: $100.00 non-refundable applied to last class. Please see registration form for complete details.
REFERAL DISCOUNT: Refer someone and receive a $25.00 discount.


  • Program & Facilitator Fees
  • Meals and Lodging for 3 Nights and 4 Days

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