Mountain Spirit is:

Randall Richards

Randall, a graduate of University of Utah in Recreation Management has been a senior mountain guide for Alpine Ascents International on peaks in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and the U.S., has been a senior staff trainer and instructor for Outward Bound on the Pacific Crest, Mexico and Alaska, and a ski guide for Allan Bard in the High Sierras of California. He has guided in the Alps, South America, and the North Cascades, on programs lasting from three weeks to three months.

Randall is a long-time "professional member" of the American Mountain Guides Association since 1984, certified member Professional Ski Instructors of America (Level III Alpine (since 1976), Level II Telemark, Level II Backcountry), Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and has a certificate in Heli-Ski Guide/ Forcasting, has a Level II Northwest Avalance Institute Certificate in Avalanche Safety, and a US Coast Guard 100-ton 6pac Ocean Operators license.

He has been meditating since an early teen, and been doing intuitive readings since the late '80's He is a graduate of Rise Leadership's Awakening, and Movement into Mastery programs. He accepted an invitation by a Native American elder, to be a member of a Native American Church "in the capacity of shaman, healer and minister."

Randall holds a "Private Practice Certification" in life coaching from Rise Leadership Group. He speaks French, German and Spanish, enough Quechua to get himself into trouble and is currently learning Maori, Year1, in Wanaka. He is a performer of world and folk music and has been a music therapist for Alzheimers patients. He is founder and has been the Director of Mountain Spirit Institute in the US since its inception in 1998.

Amanda Richards

Amanda has been a backcountry hut ranger for the Department of Conveservation at Mt Aspiring and French Ridge huts, and others in the National Park. She has attended a number of programs in the U.S. including The Awakening and a The Work by Byron Katie and attends Vipassana meditation retreats. She is a certified homeopathic practitioner, has a degree in genetics and has worked in program management at the univerisity in Auckland. She was a national sales manager in Australia for a multi-national computer company but jumped off the treadmill some years ago. Orginally from South Africa, Amanda speaks English, Danish, German and a bit of Spanish in a pinch.


Mountain Spirit
Randall and Amanda Richards

250 Hawea Back Road, R.D. 2
Wanaka, 9382
New Zealand

PHONE: 03-443-5669 (landline)
PHONE: 0204-111-2668 (Mob)
PHONE: 1-603-763-2668 (US Line)


Our mission is to help with one’s connection one's self, each other and the natural environment.

People on our programs have a greater appreciation and understanding of their own resources, of other individuals around them, as well as a better sense of their place in the natural world. Self reliance, compassion, service, centeredness, physical fitness and interpersonal community-building, as well as caring for, and understanding of the natural environment, are hallmarks of our mission.


Mountain Spirit’s purpose is to provide a forum and safe place for people to unplug from technology, and connect with the earth, each other and themselves. We offer a peaceful place at our small off-the-grid organic farm and retreat centre, a secluded sanctuary.





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We would like to thank you for a most wonderful time in Peru!! You offered us such a diverse opportunity to really connect with the people and all of their rich colors, faces and customs, and languages. Your continued kindness and constant patience and positive attitude really helped pull us all together. We thank you from the bottom of our heartss for a job well done, an unforgettable time, and a through insight into this interesting country.
G. Baade

I just wanted to thank you again for everything--it was the trip of a life time and so rich and there are just so many things to think about. I honestly it will change a lot of things for us--how we think about food and water and a lot of things. Anyhow, it was fun, too, with lots of good memories of laughing.
A. Gordon

All the arrangements MSI made behind the scenes worked well. Having Guillermo with us was priceless. The whole experience in Peru was worth the trip. I liked the ceremony performed by Sr. Segundino and liked seeing the Milky Way on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca!
E. Sofish, Phd

Well planned: the lodging, food, choices of experiences such as the Inca ruins, staying with families such as Anna and Richard Cari, Visiting Willoc, making and learning to play the zampona and playing the charango instruments, and getting to know Guillermo's band. **** Guillermo!** Always bring Guillermo!!!
S. Reid

Good fun group, the transport worked wll, loved the mountains and island of Amantani. An experience I'll rememeber.
H. Baade

I liked meeting the real people of Peru. Randy's example of energetic interaction with the people worked well and set a good tone for the program.
T. Young

With four years at the University of Michigan and five years working in the field of mental health, I have been exposed to many educators. Randall is one of the greatest teachers and facilitators I have had the opportunity to meet. I recommend him in the strongest terms. He is top-notch.

Christie Warbasse

The pacing was right for the group, where there were reasonable challenges and a good espirit d’corps, right timing at teachable moments with clarifying and patient responses. Randall exudes confidence in his ability to provide security, teach and have fun.
Rev. Richard Dutton

Our group of eleven people barely knew each other coming into our experience with you. By the end of the day bonds were created that remain strong and intact. My best friends are the ones that you helped me bond with and create a support network with. You possess a unique ability to create an atmosphere of comfort among people who do not know each other well, and you are clearly able to structure activities so that each person walks away feeling a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.
L. Dardick,
Yale School of Management

I had no idea what to expect, but I was thrilled with the end results. It sure met my expectations!
Richard Kipperman, NH

Thank you for your week with us. You added so much to the experience and our mission was accomplished. Your leadership and facilitation style was a big hit with us all.
Coleen Myers
Executive Director, Institute for Civic Leadership

Randy is an excellent instructor, teacher, facilitator, person. Everyone should be so lucky to work with him or be instructed by him. His diversity and array of talents add much to his courses.
Raleigh Coburn,
Outdoor Instructor and Colleague

Our Core Values:

- Running a Variety of Innovative and Impactful Programs
- Body Mind and Spirit
- Experiential Learning
- Learning from Indigenous Wisdom
- Environmental Education and Sustainability
- Social Responsibility
- Read more about our core values here..

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Brief History

Mountain Spirit is just getting underway, although both Amanda and Randall have a few years of mountain experience and running programs under their belt. After finding this secluded sanctuary, here in Hawea Flat, near Wanaka we have indeed been busy. The farm has always been organic. It was originally a bull paddock, when a doctor planted 111 fruit and nut trees, complete with irrigation. We purchased the land from a wonderful women who nutured the place for many years. Now, we're reclaiming and sprucing up the gardens, buildings and trees. Stay tuned for more.


Mountain Spirit Institute, USA
1857 White Mountain Highway, #140
North Conway, NH 03860
: 1-603-763-2668 (US Line)

Mountain Spirit is a member of the following associations:


- American Mountain Guides Association
- Professional Ski Instructors Association
- Association for Experiential Education



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